This document is the "User Agreement" for the use and access to the FASTcall Website located at (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is an offer of the Limited Liability Company "Spider Group", OGRN1022301969634 INN2312080990 (hereinafter referred to as the" Copyright Holder"), to conclude an agreement on the terms set out below.

IMPORTANT: Before using the Site, please read the terms of this User Agreement.

    1. The site was created by the Copyright Holder to familiarize Users with the functions of the "FASTcall" mobile application. If any questions and / or suggestions about the work of FASTcall appear, the User can send a corresponding request to the Copyright Holder via a special feedback form on the site, filling in the necessary fields.
    2. By using the Site, you agree that:
      1. You have read the terms of this User Agreement in full before using the site.
      2. Getting started using the Site in any form means that you accept all the terms of this User Agreement in full without any exceptions and restrictions on your part. The use of the Site on other terms is not allowed.
      3. If you do not agree to the terms of this User Agreement or do not have the right to enter into it, you should immediately stop any use of the Site.
      4. The User Agreement (including any of its parts) may be changed by the Copyright Holder without any special notice and without payment of any compensation in this regard.
    1. In this Agreement, the words and expressions have the following meanings, unless otherwise explicitly defined further down the text:
      1. Content is images, audio and video materials, as well as messages of any nature contained on the Site.
      2. Copyright holder is Limited Liability Company "Spider Group", OGRN1022301969634 INN2312080990 (location: 350062, Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory, Krasnodar, ul. Novitsky A.M., 2/4, office 1).
      3. User is a legally capable individual who has joined this User Agreement in his own interest or acting on behalf of and in the interests of the person represented by him.
      4. User Agreement is this agreement is concluded between the User and the Copyright Holder, which sets out the terms of use of the Site.
      5. Website is located at FASTcall service, which is the property of the Limited Liability Company "Spider Group".
      6. Commercial use is beyond the scope of the functional use permitted under this agreement and / or the rights granted to use fragments of the Site, as well as other intellectual property objects, by an individual for the purpose of generating income (profit), and by an individual entrepreneur or organization for the purpose of extracting business benefits, including their provision or provision of access to them on a paid basis, i.e. for a fee or any counter-provision of goods, works, services, or with the simultaneous provision of goods, works, services on a paid basis in one form or another.
    2. In this User Agreement, as well as documents arising from or related to it, other terms and definitions may be used that are not specified in clause 2.1. of this agreement. In this case, the interpretation of such a term is made in accordance with the text of this agreement. If there is no unambiguous interpretation of the term or definition in the text of this agreement, as well as documents arising from or related to it (unless otherwise expressly provided), it should be guided by its interpretation, determined: first of all by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and subsequently by business practices and scientific doctrine.
    1. The Site as a whole and computer programs, databases and other text materials, images and other objects of copyright and/or related rights included in it or used in conjunction with it, as well as objects of patent rights, trademarks, commercial designations and trade names, as well as other parts of the Site (regardless of whether they are part of it or are additional components, and whether it is possible to extract them from it and use them independently) separately (hereinafter referred to as "Intellectual Property Objects") are protected in accordance with Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and belong to the Copyright Holder on the exclusive right, unless otherwise specified in the notice of rights and other agreements.
    2. The rights and methods of using the Site that are not explicitly granted/permitted to the User under this User Agreement are considered not granted/prohibited by the Copyright Holder.
    3. The Site may contain information about third-party sites and platforms. Access to any other Internet resource associated with this Site is at the User's own risk; the Copyright Holder is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, data, views, advice or statements indicated (posted) on these sites. The Copyright Holder provides links to other sites solely for the convenience of the User, and this does not mean that the Copyright Holder approves the content of these sites or is responsible for it in any way.
    4. The materials contained on the Site are protected by copyright. Copyright laws prohibit the copying, reproduction, use and distribution of data, logos, graphics, illustrations, product design and related documents (manuals, official documents, tables, etc.) in whole or in part without the permission of the Copyright Holder. Copyright laws prohibit the use, copying, leasing, modification, and distribution of the software, in whole or in part, without the permission of the Copyright Holder.
    5. All logos used on the Site are trademarks and copyrighted property of their respective owners. The texts, graphics, images and product designations included in the Site are the property of the respective authors of these elements.
    6. The User acknowledges that the owner company has all rights to the Site as a single object, including all its components.
    1. The use of the Site is permitted strictly under the conditions set forth in this User Agreement. If the User does not accept the terms of the User Agreement in full, the User has no right to use the Site for any purpose. The use of the Site in violation (non-fulfillment) of any of the terms of the User Agreement is prohibited.
    2. The User is allowed to use the Site free of charge, under the terms of this User Agreement, exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes. In view of the provision under this User Agreement of the right to use the Mobile Application and the Site for non-commercial purposes free of charge, the provisions of the legislation on consumer protection do not apply to the relations of the parties under this User Agreement.
    3. The use of FASTcall under the terms of the relevant license agreements does not imply the transfer to Users of any proprietary or non-proprietary rights to use the Site components.
    1. The User is hereby notified and agrees that the Site collects anonymized (without reference to the User's personal data) statistical data on the use of the Site and automatically transmits them to the Copyright Holder using the Internet statistics services. The Copyright Holder uses the received statistical data exclusively in an impersonal form to collect information about the User's actions on the Site and improve the quality of the Site. The User is not required to provide personal data for the use of the Site, unless otherwise expressly provided in a separate agreement.
    2. The Site, with the consent of the User, may save cookies on the User's computer or other personal device and subsequently use them.
    3. The User's consent to saving cookies on the User's computer or other personal device is determined by the corresponding settings of his web browser.
    4. The User is solely responsible for the confidentiality of the Site's cookies saved on his computer or other personal device.
    5. The Copyright Holder receives information about HTTP headers, the technical characteristics of the device (screen resolution, operating system and device type), the user's web browser (type and version of the web browser) and language, IP address, session ID, the User's web browser ID (client ID), the User ID (user ID) converted using the hash function, data about third-party sites (referrers) from which the user clicks, search queries that the user uses to go to the platform's Site, as well as information about the date and time of access to the site, information about the User's activity during the use of the site, information about the User's geolocation. This information is not used to identify the User.
    6. The Copyright Holder has the right to send the User advertising and informational messages that the User subscribes to on the Site. If the User does not want to receive mailings from the Copyright Holder, he must change the corresponding subscription settings.
    7. The Copyright Holder uses all the information received for one main purpose: to make the Site services as convenient and useful as possible for the User. The purposes, objectives of the use and processing of Users' personal data, and the types of personal data collected are specified in the Privacy Policy located at If you do not agree to the terms, you must immediately stop using the site.
    8. The Copyright Holder reserves the right to unilaterally change the Site (or part of it), to make updates at any time without prior notice to the User.
    1. The User fully understands and confirms the following:
      1. The User uses the Site entirely at their own risk. The site is provided "as is" and "what is". The Copyright Holder specifically emphasizes the absence of any guarantees, both expressed and unspoken, including, but not limited to, guarantees of the quality of the Site, its suitability for a particular purpose.
      2. The Copyright Holder does not guarantee that:
        1. The site will meet the user's requirements.
        2. The results obtained as a result of using the Site will be reliable or trustworthy.
        3. Any errors in the software will be corrected.
      3. No recommendations or information received by the user orally or in writing from the Copyright Holder or through the Site do not impose on the Copyright Holder any guarantees other than those stipulated in the terms of this agreement.
      4. The Copyright Holder shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of use, loss of data or any other material/non-material losses, damage to reputation or other damages (even if the Copyright Holder has been notified of the possibility of such damages) arising from the use or inability to use the Site.
    1. Invalidation of one of the terms or provisions of this Agreement does not constitute a ground for invalidation of any other terms or provisions of the Agreement.
    2. This Agreement may be changed or terminated by the Copyright Holder unilaterally without prior notice to the User and without payment of any compensation in this regard. The new version of the Agreement and / or the mandatory documents specified therein shall enter into force from the moment of its publication at: unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement, and the User undertakes to independently monitor changes in the Agreement on a regular basis. The User's continued use of FASTcall after posting changes to this Agreement will constitute the User's acceptance of these changes.
    3. This User Agreement, the procedure for its conclusion and execution, as well as issues not regulated by this Agreement, are governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. All disputes under this Agreement or in connection with it are subject to consideration in court at the location of the Copyright Holder in accordance with the current procedural law of the Russian Federation.