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FASTcall — People help people

Fast way to help and get help

Help each other! Video calls allow you to understand the problem and hints simplify communication.

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For making calls with FASTcall the application must be installed on devices of both users

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FASTcall — People help people

Call your friend
Call your friend
Tell about your problem
Tell about your problem
Get fast answer
Get fast answer

Where FASTcall is useful

At home
At work
On the road
Put the spacer on the bolt, insert it into the hole of the leg and tighten the bolt with a screwdriver

Help one assemble the furniture or turn on the washing machine

It happens in life that you need to quickly solve a problem, and you just don't know how to approach it. The reasons may be different: you are faced with a problem for the first time, you forgot its solution, or you just do not want to bother with the trifles

Now you can download FASTcall and ask a friend for advice. Our application has unique augmented reality tools that will tell you exactly which button to press, what to turn and what to look at right now

Open the cartridge compartment, remove the empty cartridge and put a new one, with the chip to the left

Ask how to manage the printer or install a software on your computer

At work, small tasks constantly arise, from which big problems grow. You need help, but all your colleagues are busy, and it takes too long to wait for a technical support specialist? Now you don't have to wait. Ask for urgent help at FASTcall. This is the solution to your problem and saves you time for maintenance. FASTcall makes any work faster and more comfortable

Unscrew the lid of this tank and use a dipstick to check the oil level, if the oil is less than the "minimum" mark, then top it up

Fill in the antifreeze or find the right button in the car interior

It doesn't matter whether you are driving to work or going on a trip — you want everything to go smoothly. Whatever you encounter in the car, in the hotel, in the laundry, your friend from FASTcall will always come to the rescue. Your loved ones have left, and you are worried about them? Install FASTcall to prompt the right solution at any time. Stay close, no matter the distance

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